New Year, New You: How Emily Mackie from Inspired Interiors Refreshes A Space for the New Year

Design your spaces to feel as good as they look.

Founded in 2004 by Emily Mackie, Inspired Interiors is a luxury design firm that aims to upgrade the way you live. Whether the space is commercial or residential, Mackie considers not only design but how the client plans to the space when she and her team execute their vision. “We design spaces that capture moments of life,” said Mackie. With the New Year just around the corner, are you feeling a little stuck in your old ways? No need to move house—just freshen things up with an innovative design plan. ESTATENVY spoke with Mackie on how she brings new life into a space to empower the way her clients live, work and function.

Assessing Functionality
The first thing Mackie assesses when beginning to understand a space is whether all its components are accomplishing a function. “All too often, people place furniture in locations because they feel like that’s the spot where it’s supposed to go,” said Mackie. “Meanwhile, great spaces or pieces of furniture in a home go completely underutilized because they’re not designed in a way that maximizes functionality.
Mackie encourages clients to really think about how much space is available and to consider the limitations of your current setup. “Whether you would love to have more storage, or maybe you would like to create a home office—think about how you can incorporate things that you would love to be doing in the spaces that you already have available to you.”
Put a Little Frosting on It
To Mackie, the spaces she designs are like a cake, and she’s always looking for ways to—in her words—“put a little bit more frosting on every cake.”
Mackie gave an example of a master bedroom she recently designed for a client. “I looked at the space and considered how I could make this space really special. Add a small table with a keurig, and few cups and a comfortable chair, and suddenly that unused corner of a bedroom becomes a cozy reading nook,” said Mackie.
The New Year is a great excuse to reevaluate, so why not do that with your space? “It’s so simple, but most people just plug things in that fit in the floor plan. When you live in your space every day, you don’t often take a step back and identify what your needs and wants really are to function,” said Mackie. “I instead try to creatively think of what someone might want as an individual, and try to turn it into a space that could really disrupt their routine and transform the way they live their life.”
Ultimately, Mackie’s designs are about maximizing a space so that her clients can live their lives to the fullest. “People hire us because they want to have fun,” said Mackie. “If you just put furniture here and there you don’t need me. If you want to take a few steps back and evaluate how to live life differently, that’s when you call a designer.”
Take a Risk—You Won’t Regret It
Above all, Mackie encourages anyone looking to refresh their space to not be afraid to take a chance. “I see so many people holding back, and their only reason for holding back on taking a risk with a design is because they’re afraid of stepping outside of their comfort zone,” said Mackie. “I hear it from my clients all of the time that they wish they would have done something more, but the clients that take a risk are always glad they pushed for it.”
Trust your gut, says Mackie. “When clients let go and trust the vision, that’s when we have the happiest endings.”