5 Tips To Throw a Rockin’ New Year’s Eve Party

Keep the bottomless bubbles and confetti poppers coming!

There’s no better occasion to throw an over-the-top bash filled with everything glitz and glam than New Year’s Eve. From the ensembles to the party favors, there’s no such thing as sprinkling too much “extra” into the last party of the year.

Why battle the crowds and spend big bucks at your city’s hottest bar to ring in the New Year when you can celebrate from the comfort of your home? Event Planner Tayra Perez spoke with ESTATENVY to spill all her tips and tricks on how to organize and host an extravagant New Year’s Eve soirée from the home.
A Theme That Wows
First things first—choose your party’s theme.
Incorporating a theme into your event will give your guests something to look forward to as soon as they tear open the invitation. Live out your inner Daisy Buchanan with a Great Gatsby party. Or for a more casual vibe, Perez recommends throwing a pajama party. Let’s be real, you’re never too old for a pajama party.
Not only is a themed-party a great conversation starter, but guests will be able to snap some cool shots to document on their social media. #PicsOrItDidn’tHappen
Bubbles for the Ball Drop
How else do you plan on cheersing to the New Year? Tingle your guests’ taste buds with an array of fizzy champagnes, exotic cocktails and spirit-free refreshments. It’s important to provide your guests who were voted the designated driver for the night alcohol-free options—but who says you can’t make them fun? These booze-less drink recipes are just as fancy as ones with a splash of spirits.
Put your DIY skills to the test by building your own bar. Display cups, napkins and straws that color coordinate with your theme on a bar cart alongside two or three beverage dispensers filled with your handcrafted cocktails. Take your beverage bar to the next level with these drink and decor ideas.
Two Planners Is Better Than One
It’s not easy throwing a party—especially when one person is in-charge of everything. According to Perez, there’s a couple money-saving solutions to keep in mind when it comes to organizing a party on a budget.
“Instead of relying on one person to supply everything, have multiple hosts,” said Perez. “This way, hosts can split the cost for decor, drinks and food.”
Another budget-friendly tip is to turn your party into a potluck. Have your guests sign up for a dessert, main dish or appetizer to bring to the party instead of relying solely on the host to prep and serve all the food.
More planners means more hands on deck the day of the party—and that equals less stress.
How To Celebrate Big in a Small Space
A small space shouldn’t prevent you from hosting a bomb New Year’s Eve party. Perez has many hacks when it comes to making room for games, confetti poppers and dancing.
“To make room for a dance floor, move your furniture from the living room or family room into the garage,” said Perez.
If you’re worried about your space feeling too empty without furniture, dress up your walls with all sorts of decor such as streamers, signs and balloons. For any party that Perez throws, her guests are bound to see a bunch of balloons.
“My must-have decor pieces are balloons, balloons and more balloons,” said Perez. A giant organic balloon garland in gold, silver or black with ‘2020’ foil balloons would definitely upgrade any New Year’s Eve party.”
Just because you’re not living in a mansion doesn’t mean you can’t live it up in a small space!
Pics or it Didn’t Happen
Did you even go to a New Year’s Eve party if you didn’t post a photo on Instagram? There’s no need to rent an expensive photo booth when you can DIY your own. Visit your local party store to purchase fun props and supplies for an aesthetically pleasing backdrop. Once your designated photo wall is decorated to perfection, set up a tripod and ring light (good lighting is always key for a fabulous photoshoot) and you’re ready to go!
Check out this Instagram-worthy photo booth for inspiration when building your own.
There’s much to celebrate as 2019 comes to a close. Whether you’re celebrating with friends, family, or by yourself, be sure to end 2019 with a bang and begin 2020 with a pop (of champagne).