Red and Green Are So Last Christmas: How Jennifer Griffin Decorates for the Holidays

Interior design expert Jennifer Griffin shares her tips on how to create a winter wonderland with all the colors of the rainbow.

Some traditions are meant to be broken. Sure, the flood of festive decor that comes every holiday season often incorporates Santa’s favorite hues of red and green, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun with it.

When it comes to having fun with design, look no further than Jennifer Griffin of D.I.Y, home decor and lifestyle blog Dimples and Tangles. Griffin’s vibrant Instagram page is a sneak peek into her magical home. Griffin lives in Edmond, Oklahoma with her husband, Ray, her son, Caleb, and their daughter, Emily. ESTATENVY spoke with Griffin on how she livens up her home for the holiday season.
“I'm using a bit of every color in my Christmas palette this year,” said Griffin. “Hot pink will be the dominant color, but I'll be mixing in a rainbow of other hues with it, as well as my favorite black and white gingham and stripe patterns.”
Griffin boasts that she is “definitely not a neutral gal,” as her home is often adorned with rich hues. “I do use red and several shades of green for Christmas, but I mix a variety of other colors with those.”
As far as her holiday favorites go, Griffin has three beloved decorations that she is sure to always have on display.
“The first is a set of vintage glass ornaments that I bought at a yard sale years ago,” said Griffin. “There are many of the classic glass ball shapes, but with stripes and other designs. There is also a variety of tiny blown-glass ornaments in different shapes like a racecar, little bells, a miniature Santa, pine cones and more. My favorite way to display them is in a big bowl on the coffee table or as a centerpiece on the dining table.”
“Secondly, it's unconventional, but I love using round paper party accordian fans in my Christmas decor,” Griffin continued. “I have a variety of fans in different colors and patterns. I like to group a few together over the mantel, as a tree topper, on the edge of a piece of artwork or wherever a pop of holiday cheer is needed! I especially love these because they're easy to store—I just fold them back up after the holiday and store them in a bag—and I can also pull out appropriate colors and use them for other holidays or birthdays throughout the year as needed.”
Lastly, Griffin loves to incorporate the colorful bottle-brush miniature Christmas trees that she has been collecting for years into her vision.
“I can't get enough,” Griffin said. “They make a statement grouped together on a mantel, bookshelf or set up tabletop. One in a little tabletop vignette here and there adds a touch of holiday cheer.”
Griffin assures readers that your home can still be festive, even if red and green isn't your thing.
“I'm not discounting red and green,” Griffin said, “I used those two strictly for years! But once I felt that I was ready for a bit of a change, I started by adding in some other colors and patterns to supplement the more traditional colors.” Her favorite combinations to pair with red and green are blue and white or black and white. “Simply adding in blue and white dishes or black and white gingham ribbon or pillows completely changes the look and feel of the color palette.”
“Another idea is to add in some complementary colors to create a fresh combo for the season, Griffin added. “I don’t want to totally give up my traditional reds at Christmas, so I mix it up with hot pink. It's such a striking effect.”
If you're ready for something completely different, Griffin recommends jewel tones for Christmas. “Deep purples and pinks, turquoise and gold, give any space a gorgeous, luxurious look. Adding to the red and green rather than completely removing them still gives a nod to the traditions of the holiday, while putting a more modern, updated twist on things,” said Griffin.
“Once I decide on a color palette for the holidays, I like to use those colors for throw pillows, blankets, ornaments and on the tree to carry the color theme throughout the room. The accessories don't have to be "Christmas"-specific” either, according to Griffin. A willingness to play with variety introduces an excellent way to breathe new life into some tried-and-true pieces you may already have on-hand.
“No matter your color palette, I think the thing that can make the most impact at the holidays is light,” Griffin said. She recommends twinkle lights and votives to create a cozy, inviting glow. What a way to make a home look magical and welcoming for the holidays.
It should be just about time to get started on your own winter wonderland, and don’t be afraid to use a little—or a lot—of color!